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The Role of Branding in Digital Marketing: How Manthan Helps You Stand Out

How Manthan Helps You Stand Out

There is no question that marketing plays an important role in growing any business or organization. With effective techniques and strategies marketing can eventually increase the branch awareness by connecting to the right audience at the right time. Teleportation to the digital platforms has given marketing an opportunity to become more advanced and effective by going digital which we call digital marketing.

Digital marketing creates a platform for an organization or a business to get promoted in various forms through emails, social media, websites, and ad campaigns. News spreads quicker than wildfire through digital marketing if you are able to set your target right to gain an increase in revenue.

However, it is not as easy as it may sound, digital marketing works in your favor if you are creating a base which is built around strategies and proper implementation to thrive in the heavy competition and stand out. In the world of digital marketing we call this base branding. Branding is what defines the goods and services you are selling as an organization.

Branding in Depth

Brand might be a name, design, symbol, term, or an identification of organization and the goods and services it sells that makes it unique from the others. Even before a er enters your premises or market places he is influenced by how your brand feels and appears to him. This is the reason that exact copies of an authentic brand always get caught and discouraged by the audience as they demand quality goods and services.

And therefore, we can define branding as the strategies curated intelligently that help an organization or a business become a brand unique to others. The question here arises is how is branding done in the digital world?

Well, let's first talk about these basics of digital branding or E branding. When you take your business to the online platforms and implement strategies to spread awareness using a combination of strategies it is known as digital branding. It allows your company to bring forth a distinct voice of their own top spread all around the world.

Why Digital Branding?

Strategic digital branding helps you create a presence online that lets the customer feel more connected to the product of services you are selling. You are able to create more personal and long-lasting connections with users that can turn into potential customers while you are sitting comfortably in your home or at your desk in the office.

Digital branding gives you a place to express your brand's voice directly to your customers and interact freely. When your customers feel captivated or interested in your business you're directly increasing your brand's value and yielding high revenue.

Digital branding combines 8 basic components to create an impact on the online space, they are mentioned as follows:

  1. Logo. A logo is unique to each and every brand and it connects to your audience visually.

  2. Website. Gone were the days when people were spreading awareness through business cards or pamphlets. Even the smallest of a business as a local barber has their own websites. Website allows you to track every single detail of your business and nothing can go in or out without coming under the navigation of your website.

  3. Message. The more clear the message or vision of your brand is, the more it connects to your customers needs and desires making them feel heard and seen.

  4. SEO. As the competition increases SEO tools come stronger to ensure that your brand is found easily on the search engines.

  5. Posts. When you are creating a space in a social media platform you are anticipating maximum reach for which proper tailoring and management is required.

  6. Emails. Ad campaigns and email marketing is another form of digital branding that allows your brand to reach thousands of customers that are maybe interested in taking what you have to give. Scheduling and designing emails, display ads, mobile feeds, etc is therefore necessary to consider.

  7. Informative data. What is better than portraying your brand by writing blog posts, and posting photos and videos to generate excitement and encourage people to get to know your brand more.

  8. Influencer marketing. Social media has given a great opportunity to brands to market their goods and services and spread it even wider by connecting them through influencers. All you have to do is find influencers whose lifestyle aligns with your products and transcend your message in their face.

Digital Marketing vs Digital Branding

There is a fine line separating digital marketing to digital branding. It may seem that digital branding is quite similar to digital marketing. However, digital branding explains why an organization or a business can prove impactful in your life whereas, digital marketing tells you how you can adapt those ways to make the change.

Branding and digital marketing combines to form a successful online presence of your business by helping it become unique. Digital marketing only connects you to the right targets while with the help of branding you are able to convert those targets into potential customers.

Manthan–To make you stand out!

Some technology geeks have great passion for aligning consumers with it? At Manthan you get more than that.

Strategies that work to target the right audience with the help of intelligently curated prescriptive analytics applications combined with AI. With the help of AI, Manthan helps you do your business while your organization gets enhanced with improved capabilities that fosters greater customer relationships and yields greater returns.

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